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A 11 track ambient album (54m 11s) — released December 9th 2013 on Gusstaff Records

Gusstaff Records presents reissue of one of the most important records of electronic and experimental music recorded in Poland in the last 10 years.

"Treny" was released in 2008 in Poland by Gusstaff Records and in Norway by Miasmah.

The CD was sold out on european market since 2010.

This rerelease comes in 6-pages-digipak with original polish cover, different from the Miasmah's version.

The opening track, 'Rytm to Niesmiertelnosc I', sets the dimly-lit scene perfectly. A beautifully arranged string quartet and a lonesome female voice are framed with waves of distant underwater rumbles and creaks, with fragments of harp occasionally breaking to surface to release mournful motifs onto the dense musical canvas. It could be argued that the talent that Mr. Jacaszek holds is in his perfect blending of acoustic and electronic sounds, in as much that it is hard to tell where tape loops end and forlorn violin melodies begin.

By the beginning of the second piece, the appropriately titled 'Lament', Jacaszek has already firmly established a sound for himself. Clearly influenced by the liturgical compositions of Henryk Gorecki or John Tavener, with a healthy pinch of Angelo Badalamenti's mood-setting soundscapes, Jacaszek

manages to find his own niche somewhere between Murcof and Francois Tetaz's indispensible score for 'Wolf Creek' - somewhere dark and mysterious but ultimately beautifully rewarding and moving.

There are traces of optimism in these songs, and as the album ends with 'Rytm to Niesmiertelnosc II', the clouds turn from a heavy grey to a uplifting palette of autumnal shades as a subtle rhythm emerges to gently guide the listener into lighter pastures. Despite the somewhat uplifting ending, as the last note strikes you may find yourself wanting to turn back into the darkness and start the whole adventure again. Wrap up warm, and carry enough supplies for many years of repeated listening...

We absolutely implore you to check this album out, one of the year's most important releases thus far. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. -

Treny is more than mood music for cave trolls. - Abi Bliss The Wire

Each minute of Treny recites a short story of loneliness; what brings them all together into a sophisticated and integral piece is the unworldly female murmur, dragging the listener into a now complete picture. Every now and then, there is a slight change of tone that cannot break into the stillness of it all, but allows for the discernment of patterns. The same sounds appear mirrored throughout the album, setting the calm disposition, leaving the well thought of impression of rearrangement when in fact the immovable pervades. For all that, Jacaszek's effort transpires as a terribly feminine air: impalpable, yet intensely present. Treny stays on the same tracks for almost an hour; undisturbed, unyieldingly emotional, never at a halt but perpetually cueing to standstills, to the monotonous whisper of the engines and the ever changing scenery, leaving behind distant sentiments and making one run off the rails of every train of thought. - Diana Sitaru The Silent Ballet

Treny treads on the boundaries between ambient, classical and post rock; presenting a hybrid that feels like it could only be achieved in 2008. Massive recommendation. - Music Lobby Music Lobby

My immediate impression brings back that majestic moment of discovering an album that will stay with you through sweet and dark moments alike. Based out of Gdansk, Poland, Jacaszek is a profound manipulator of electro-acoustic sounds and fits right along my favorites like Dictaphone, Porn Sword Tobacco, Marsen Jules, and of course Deaf Center. Highly recommended. - Headphone commute Headphone commute

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